We can help you make decisions about:


  • Who will inherit your estate?
  • Who will care for you in later life?
  • Medical treatment – Who decides? Putting you in control.
  • Dignity in later years – respecting your wishes
  • Your relationship with your Medical Professionals
  • Allowing others to help with your Financial and Legal Issues


We always act with compassion and can sensitively help you to make difficult legal decisions about the care of the elderly.


If you would like to know more please contact:


Kate Cashmore at our Dursley office on 01453 547221 or k.cashmore@phoenixlegalgroup.co.uk

Jill Ford at our Stonehouse office on 01453 825151 or j.ford@phoenixlegalgroup.co.uk

Charlotte Kelly at our Stroud office on 01453 763433 or c.kelly@phoenixlegalgroup.co.uk

Rachel Teverson at our Stroud office on 01453 763433 or r.teverson@phoenixlegalgroup.co.uk


We are also very pleased to announce that Michelle Mazelin will be joining the firm in our Stonehouse office from June 26th. Michelle specialises in all aspects of legal matters for the care of elderly clients.