Our Residential Property Department will help you through the stressful experience of buying and selling, or even re-mortgaging your home. At Phoenix Legal Group we have a wealth of experience to guide you through the process and are able to deal with all types of property transaction from the purchase of a small piece of garden to the sale of a large country house to the sale of a shared ownership flat.

We acknowledge that we live in a fast paced society driven by technology and we understand that for some of our clients it is vital that we keep pace with these changes. However others quite like doing things the old fashioned way!  We will tailor the service we provide to your individual needs.


If you would like a guide quotation setting out our costs and probable expenses or have any queries, please contact one of our team:


Richard Chadwick at our Dursley office on 01453 547221 or r.chadwick@phoenixlegalgroup.co.uk


Carolyn Baker at our Dursley office on 01453 547221 or c.baker@phoenixlegalgroup.co.uk


Dee Chatfield at our Stonehouse office on 01453 825151 or d.chatfield@phoenixlegalgroup.co.uk


Lorraine Bruton at our Stroud office on 01453 763433 or l.bruton@phoenixlegalgroup.co.uk


Ramin Haghighat at our Stroud office on 01453 763433 or r.haghighat@phoenixlegalgroup.co.uk