• Preparation of Wills
  • Administration of Estates and Probate
  • Tax planning including Inheritance Tax planning
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Receivership and the Court of Protection
  • Trust advice
  • Contentious probate
  • Advice on the purchase of foreign property


Everyone should make a Will to make sure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes by someone they can trust, preferably in such a way that will reduce any tax payable.


In most cases making a Will is perfectly simple, and we will help you make any difficult decisions by talking through the various options with you. If your estate is large and there is a potential liability to tax, we will discuss with you the various ways in which the liability can be minimised to enable you to pass as much of your property to your beneficiaries as possible.


If you need help in administering a Will or in winding up the estate of someone who has died, we can deal with the various formalities involved for you.


We will always discuss the question of costs with you at the outset. Sometimes in more straightforward cases we can agree to deal with the matter on a fixed cost basis. However, if that is not possible we will explain how we will calculate our charge and using our experience give you the best estimate that we are able to of the costs that we think are likely to be incurred.


We can provide advice on the use of trusts, setting them up and administrating them.


Sadly, sometimes disputes arise over someone’s estate, and in these cases of contentious probate we can act.


Many people buy properties abroad without a full consideration of the issues arising, but advice in this difficult area should always be sought.


Our focus is on providing a personal, local service with advice tailored for each of our clients.


Home visits are available on request and we do not make any charges for storing documents that we have prepared.


If you would like to know more please contact:


Kate Cashmore at our Dursley office on 01453 547221 or k.cashmore@phoenixlegalgroup.co.uk

Jill Ford at our Stonehouse office on 01453 825151 or j.ford@phoenixlegalgroup.co.uk

Charlotte Kelly at our Stroud office on 01453 763433 or c.kelly@phoenixlegalgroup.co.uk

Rachel Teverson at our Stroud office on 01453 763433 or r.teverson@phoenixlegalgroup.co.uk


We are also very pleased to announce that Michelle Mazelin will be joining the firm in our Stonehouse office from June 26th. Michelle specialises in all aspects of legal matters for the care of elderly clients.